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Posted by Dellu
Nov 21, 2022 at 04:46 AM


Amontillado wrote:
>Mind mapping is very flexible in Curio, even if it isn’t quite as spiffy
>looking as purpose-built mind mapping tools. For instance, if your mind
>map can live with branches no more than three levels deep, you can
>create a table of contents as a mind map. It will dynamically rebuild to
>match your hierarchy of idea spaces. Each node has a corkboard,
>potentially containing yet a deeper table of contents, not just the
>expected text attachment.
> >I’ve got an idea I’m outlining now. I’m dithering between Devonthink,
>Curio, Tinderbox, and Obsidian. Meanwhile, the outline is growing in
>OmniOutliner because I don’t have to agonize about it. I can just use
>the thing.

I used to have a similar, multiple-tool system at some point. I have tried Curio for some time.  The maps look incredible. It also does some magic with pdf. Does it still do that? And the developer is an incredible human being. Tinderbox has also been my home for some time.

But, thinking hard about it hard, and learning about my own productivity, I learned that the lesser the number of tools, the better.
It is kind of sometimes exhausting to find where I wrote a certain note; and, even to decide which tool to use.  Each tool also comes with its own features, that I have to learn about to use it effectively. That is why, after some contemplation, I decided to stick with the basics: DT, Scrivener, and Scapple combo

- Obsidian has been tempting as well. But, it is not as good as Devonthink. The fact that I have to rely on the markdown form itself is a drawback because I use text colors a lot.  DT is just incredible. I am learning new things, and new avenues of organization, every day. I am doing almost everything with DT—organizing pdf and other resources, reading them, annotating, taking notes, and exporting annotations; drafting. I pull out Scapple when I face certain stuff that requires visual thinking. Once I have things in shape, I can open Scrivener. But, I often don’t need that. I just straight from DT to Latex.