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Posted by Dr Dog
Nov 19, 2022 at 10:50 AM


Dellu wrote:
Yes, it is the canvas plugin. It started in the forum: an then moved to

My use of Tinderbox is ‘trivial’ and uses only a small proportion of its power, but it is invaluable when used it in this manner, with the advantage over Scapple, for instance, of being able to add text and meta-data to the visible nodes.

I converted nearly all of my note-taking to Obsidian earlier this year, but now use the two apps in tandem: Obsidian for the vault and all of its advantages; Tinderbox for the construction and development of more substantial pieces of work (I’m an historian of medicine) which use Obsidian as a resource.

To complete the horses for courses geekiness, I then export to Scrivener for final writing up.