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By WHAT do you (in parallels) structure? (woof-woof!)

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Posted by bigspud
Sep 20, 2022 at 09:37 AM


hey @22111
I suppose you’ve got a take on the anglo-hebreic flame letter phenomenon?

Mr Amontillado, I always saw it as the old adage, that it isn’t art without a frame…. ‘cause it offers a heightened, or equally myopic, perspective. Excuse the tangent, but the wave forms on oscilloscopes are often given amplitude and frequency, when in reality they’re not nearly linear in space, -the peaks and troughs can often be seen weaker… We’ve got an understanding of the world based on that perspective of a waveform, yet, it’s partly a lie. How many writers are flirting with the ambition to tell the perfect lie, when they write fiction? Probs a lot. Take the ‘frame’ of a banal reality and the perspective it offers and twist it’s viewport into a story. How much more fun can we have?!