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Posted by D
Sep 15, 2022 at 01:37 AM


I started using Supernotes extensively after Supernotes 2.0 was released. It is the best note-taking app for me after trying nearly all note-taking apps I could find (Notion, Obsidian, Craft, Roam, Logseq, Workflowy, Dynalist, Clover, Amplenote…).

I like its flexibility. I can organize cards with hierarchy (i.e. parent and children), and a card can have multiple parents. It’s also possible to organize with tags and colors.

It has one of the best code blocks in all the note-taking apps I’ve tried.

What makes Supernotes stand out for me the most is its “Daily Collections”. I can never figure out how to use Daily Notes in Obsidian, Craft, or Amplenote because I don’t like project-related notes to be scattered in time-stamped files. It is still a mess even though those notes can be found with backlinks. Supernotes automatically organizes the notes with the same creation date into Daily Collections. I never have to worry whether to put my notes in a Daily note or in a project note anymore.