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CRIMP Defined





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Posted by Amontillado
Aug 2, 2022 at 05:39 PM


Well, drat, now an old rabbit hole calls. I’ve been messing with property tax reports, mining for scandal (and finding plenty) with a little bit of Python and a lot of peregrination in Easy Data Transform. It’s reminded me I don’t mind poking around with knobs and levers.

So I reinstalled Tinderbox. This time, it might stick.

I’m thinking of containers that self-populate with relevant notes, allowing story plans to evolve themselves from primordial seas of seemingly unrelated ideas.

I could do the same in Devonthink with smart groups, of course, and maybe I should start taking better advantage of that feature.

The only drawback in DT is that you can’t apply a manual sort to a smart group. I ask much, I know. I have a lot of respect for whoever said too much is never enough. I’m sure they followed the CRIMPing lifestyle.

Tinderbox and queries and agents, oh my, this could at last be the final One True End-All-Be-All Method for story planning.