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Posted by MadaboutDana
Jul 17, 2022 at 08:45 AM


That’s a question, Simon, which only you can answer. Would Craft be a good fit for your way of working, is the nub of it. And since none of us knows how you work or what processes you use, it’s impossible to answer this question.

I can imagine using Craft to put together an MA, yes – it’s got the necessary breadth, flexibility and search capabilities. But I can think of many other tools that would do just as well if not better. Speaking personally, I wouldn’t try and stuff all my MA work into a single app, even though that’s the ultimate dream (having said that, Scrivener would be an obvious choice if that’s your preferred approach). Instead, I’d be looking at ways to structure my reference information so I could rapidly access it regardless of its format.

There are several repository-style apps (all for macOS, I should emphasise) you could look at here: Personally, I’m fond of Notebooks (also does Windows), but there are other equally/more powerful tools like DEVONthink or Keep It. All three are capable of searching across multiple file types; all three are good places to keep notes linked to files and other notes. Craft can do this, too, at least with PDF files, but it’s also worth examining apps’ ability to capture web pages easily – for this, my current favourites are Bear and UpNote, although a recent recommendation in this forum has proved unbelievably capable, and you don’t even have to “explicitly” save the page: History Book, which captures your browsing history in background and keeps copies of all the text (amazing app! And takes up much less space than you might think).

The first thing to do, perhaps, is decide how you’re going to approach your MA (this will depend on your particular mentality), then check out apps that will support you in that process; you may, of course, find that Craft fits you perfectly, in which case – bingo!


Simon wrote:
Is Craft any good for academic work? I’m looking for a solution for an
>MA I’m starting.
> >Would Craft be a good fit?