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Apps similar to Xtiles and Milanote?

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Posted by Ken
Jun 21, 2022 at 11:44 PM


I decided to strike while the iron was hot and spent a bit of time today with the three apps.  We are needing to replace an appliance that is space-challenged and I have been looking for several weeks to see what can fit into the same space as well as available without a several month wait.  I thought I could keep track of all the data in my head and in a few Clickup notes, but the various options under consideration became too numerous.  Not the most exciting project, but still a good example of what I would use the program(s) for.  First up, I hate to say but xTiles is really in early stages of development and it shows in numerous ways.  The lack of help files and commands in the program show that it has bones, but not a lot of meat.  I think that if they can continue to develop the program and flush it out that it could be a viable alternative in this class.  But I cannot see paying to use this program at this time.  I do wish them luck.

With regards to Walling and Milanote, they seem to be similar enough in features (that I am interested in), but different enough in layout to give pause.  Both took page links and created an embedded item, something I appreciate and something that xTiles initially did, but would not today.  They both offer good organizational containers like folders or columns that can keep a space or spaces well organized as things evolve.  I like how Milanote has boards and sub-boards and how they are handled, especially in conjunction with columns (which are actually a container of information for purposes of organization).  Very slick.  Walling has sections, which I was not initially drawn to, but am starting to change my mind.  This allows collapsing of sections which can make a full “wall” a bit easier to manage.  It does feel a bit like programs like Todoist and Asana with the horizontal sections, but they are practical and work well enough.

I have not tried the exporting or sharing features yet, but both at least offer options with PDF being available in both programs.  I am looking forward to playing around a bit more and seeing what features I really start to like or dislike.  Regarding price, I find that Milanote is a bit on the pricier side at $10/mo. USD vs. Walling’s $5/mo. USD for annual plans.  Subscriptions are starting to add up for me, so while I am willing to pay for a useful program, there are limits to what I would like to spend.  Would be curious if anybody has had any issues or gripes with either program that I might want to be aware of.  But in any event, these are a big step up form Zoho’s notebook for me.