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Defternote - iPad only spatial note canvas

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Posted by Chris Thompson
Jun 21, 2022 at 02:52 PM


For this type of application, I definitely agree with you. One thing I find super intriguing about Defter Notes is that it’s the first “spatial” application I’ve seen where you can freely rotate the canvas. It sounds like such a little detail, but it really makes it feel like you’re manipulating a large physical piece of paper existing in its own space, rather than a two-dimensional canvas mediated by the computer.

tberni wrote:

>>From my point of view interface design is an issue that affects the
>function, although sometimes we may think that it only concerns
>aesthetics. I have tested ZoomNotes for a while, I recognize that it is
>powerful, but I can’t handle it. You said it yourself: its design and
>interface is not very intuitive. And I add that it is very ugly!