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CRIMP Defined




OPML interop

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Posted by Cyganet
May 24, 2022 at 07:15 PM


That’s a useful list. Not complete, though. I looked into OPML a while back to transfer outlines between programs. Here’s what I found:

On Windows
- InfoQube imports OPML
- ConnectedText imports OPML
- Scrivener imports OPML
- Freeplane imports OPML using a script

On Android
- Mindly Pro exports OPML
- NoteLynX Pro exports OPML
- Orbit Mind exports OPML
- Halna Outliner exports OPML
- Alfred Fritz Outliner Pro imports and exports OPML
- Transno imports OPML
- MiMind Pro exports OPML

Undoubtedly there are more.