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KeepIt for macOS and iOS updated to version 2.0

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Posted by Dellu
May 14, 2022 at 03:06 PM


Bernhard wrote:

>I own Keep It 1 but never became familiar with it. Do you can give more
>information/examples (or links) about Keep It working together with
>Devonthink and why it is an extremely good application. Maybe I will
>give it another try. Thanks!

You need to look at where KeepIt stores its notes: it stores them : /Users/username/Library/Group Containers/D75L7R8266.com.reinvented.KeepIt/Keep It

- All the folders you are creating within the app are transparently created in that folder. You an index the “Files” folder in Devonthink. Any change you make DT will be reflected back to Keep it, and vise versa.

The reason why I like it better than the other apps is due to this transparency of the file storage: and seemless support for tft or rtfd format.

You also have Labels, Bundles, smart Searches (saved searches), tags and other organizational tools in there. You can create hyperlink between notes, if you are into that kind of stuff.

The search is also very efficient. For your personal notes, it is absolutely capable app. But, I never import or store Pdfs, even if I know it supports it. PDFs go to Devonthink.

- Another feature I like better in Keep it, than in DT is the floating feature. I open one window, floating, all day, to take my reading notes. I think and reflect on it; and send all or part of it to my drafts (if I am having a draft). If I don’t have a drat already, I will collect the reading notes within a bundle until I have sufficient ideas to put them into a draft.
- When ideas get complicated, I open Scapple to sketch them on the white board. Scapple boards can also be imported to KeepIt.

The great thing about Keep it (in contrast to Devonthink)  is it makes your notes visible. DT puts them into the jungle. You need a fine tuned system to make your notes stand out. Having no other source than the notes, KeepIt makes the notes very visible to you.  You read them, modify them, group them, tag them…..make them useful (put them to draft). That the whole point of collecting notes. Isn’t it? It is to be productive; to generate sth new to the world.

- I have been a user of Tinderbox for quite some time. But, I learned from my mistakes: I was sinking my timing tinkering with the app rather than being productive on my subject.