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KeepIt for macOS and iOS updated to version 2.0

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Posted by Bernhard
May 14, 2022 at 01:03 PM


Dellu wrote:
I am using Keep it 1 daily.
> >


>But, I think the rest of the features listed there are mere gimmick. I
>am already satisfied with KeepIt 1. I am not going to upgrade.
> >It is extremely good application. It works great with Devonthink.
>The reason I use Keep it besides DT is because DT is a huge mess; a
>jungle of stuff; that I have hard time to concentrate (focus) on the
>items that I am working on currently. I use it as a means to isolate the
>notes I want to focus right now.
> >



I own Keep It 1 but never became familiar with it. Do you can give more information/examples (or links) about Keep It working together with Devonthink and why it is an extremely good application. Maybe I will give it another try. Thanks!