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Posted by Daly de Gagne
May 12, 2022 at 05:09 PM


Satis, thanks for the information.  I did not realize the antisemitic aspects of Tardif’s politics and labeling.

When today did Brian Goulet announce he was stopping Noodler’s sales? I checked his site after reading your post, but could find no reference to it.

The horns are shocking!  I have no tolerance for antisemitism and other forms of ethnic/racial prejudice.

I will be buying other brands of ink when I visit Wonder Pens next month. I appreciate your giving examples of water resistant inks. I need to find substitutes for Baystate Blue, Lexington Grey, Legal Lapis, and Hunter’s Green, so suggestions are greatly appreciated.


satis wrote:

>Daly de Gagne wrote:
>> Satis, I’m aware of Nathan Tardif’s politics, about which you and I
>>would agree. However, I confess that I use Noodler’s inks, primarily
>>ones which are waterproof/eternal. Much as I love fountain pens, I am
>>paranoid about damaging/losing notes due to water damage
> >I don’t know what colors you tend to use but for permanent black ink I
>enthusiastically recommend Platinum Carbon Black. It’s my primary black
>ink, permanent, and is not hard to clean out of my pens. At $25 for 60ml
>it’s not cheap but to me it’s about the best permanent black out there.
>YouTube’s AnInkGuy just reviewed it recently.
> >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh9Bm_JpMU4
> >For a permanent dark-grey/black consider Monteverde Documental Black
>(they also make a Documental Blue). For other colors you might want to
>look at Platinum’s fairly recent line of Iron Gall inks, which are water
>resistant but not as permanent as the Carbon or Documental inks. I
>recently tried Platinum Cassis Black, which is actually a nice
>unsaturated Burgundy (which I successfully used for margin notes), and
>it worked well with the steel nib pen I put it in, and with my usual
>Rhodia and Kokuyo notepads. Nice overview here:
> >https://mountainofink.com/blog/platinum-cassis-black
> >FYI I just visited Reddit’s fountain pen forum and was shocked to learn
>that Tardif just put his foot in it again, this time raising such a row
>among our little community that he had to apologize for ink labels which
>put horns on Jewish people on his in bottles, like this one for Bernake
> >https://i.redd.it/rkz509kffjy81.jpg
> >Seems he’d also made another ink whose label featured former Federal
>Reserve Chairs Volcker, Bernanke, and Greenspan, placing a halo over
>Volcker’s Christian head and horns on the other two Jewish men.
> >If anyone is unfamiliar with the antisemitic nature of the ‘horns of
> >https://www.commentary.org/articles/norman-cohn/the-horns-of-mosesold-symbols-and-new-meanings/
> >I’d long ago given up on considering purchasing Noodlers so I hadn’t
>paid any attention to this until today. But apparently community
>displeasure had been brewing for months and Tardif made a public apology
>only after Brian Goulet announced earlier today that he’s “halted” sales
>of the 100+ Noodlers products he sells. (Given their personal and
>professional dealings I lamentably expect sales to resume once all ink
>bottles get relabeled.)
> >