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KeepIt for macOS and iOS updated to version 2.0

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Posted by Dellu
May 12, 2022 at 04:38 AM


I am using Keep it 1 daily.

Of these listed feature, I think the Finder integration is probably the most useful because deleting files in Finder is not getting sensed inside Keepit1. The improved search is also nice. I have to do file deletion twice.

But, I think the rest of the features listed there are mere gimmick. I am already satisfied with KeepIt 1. I am not going to upgrade.

It is extremely good application. It works great with Devonthink.
The reason I use Keep it besides DT is because DT is a huge mess; a jungle of stuff; that I have hard time to concentrate (focus) on the items that I am working on currently. I use it as a means to isolate the notes I want to focus right now.

The floating window is very good to take notes while reading pdf documents.

The Bundles are also great for managing projects—to move files around folders (smart folders) without moving them on the disk. Saved searches offer a further organizational layer.

Overall,  it is great tool for writing. What is special about this app for me, in contrast to most other note taking apps these days, is the native support for rtf. I love RTF because I can highlight, underline and color texts with ease.

It is not like Onenote. Onenote stores data in internal database. Keep it stores them transparently in the finder folder. Files made inside Keep it can be edited by other tools. That is so good. You might emulate Notenote’s hierarchy of folders by embedding folders under folders. But, that would be inefficient given you have much potent tools such as Saved searches and bundles under your disposal.