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Ulysses' Companions' Odyssey (provisional app review)

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Posted by Darren McDonald
May 7, 2022 at 02:49 AM


Thanks for the recommendations, Stephen. I had come across these apps before through this forum. Speare seems to be the most attractive to me except it has the input window for text is at the bottom of the screen. This is just too jarring for me to use Speare. This point was I believe also discussed in this forum. It would be good if the developers could let the user choose the positioning for inputting text. I have as yet heard nothing from the developers of Novellus, so my search for an alternative continues. 

Stephen Zeoli wrote:
I am sure that those looking for a Scrivener replacement, much prefer an
>native app, and not a browser-based app. However, there are some really
>interesting browser-based writing apps. The two that I find most
>interesting are NovelPad and Speare. If you can stomach keeping your
>work online (and even I’m not too thrilled by that), they may be worth
>checking out:
> >https://www.speare.com/
> >https://novelpad.co/
> >I wish either of those would make a native Mac app.
> >Steve Z.