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Ulysses' Companions' Odyssey (provisional app review)

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Posted by Dormouse
Apr 20, 2022 at 03:01 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>- You can’t concatenate sheets in IW as you can in Ulysses.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. afaics IW enables a lot of what I’d call concatenating.
What exactly is it that Ulysses can do that IW can’t in this regard?

Stephen Zeoli wrote:
The Ulysses/Inspire Writer comparison is instructive in illuminating the
>differences between the Apple and Windows environments.

I’m not sure about that. IW is not a typical Windows program, it’s not well known and can’t have anything like the sales of Ulysses. It’s also afaics a direct imitation of Ulysses even to the idiosyncratic and somewhat dysfunctional syntax. I think it first emerged in 2017, and I doubt it has taken on many of Ulysses developments since then. It has had upgrades, and has some features that Ulysses doesn’t. But I’m sure Ulysses is fuller featured and more capable. otoh, I think it’s a remarkable achievement because attempting to port a Mac program to Windows is very hard, even when you have and understand the details of the Mac code - as Scrivener keeps discovering. Mac programs tend to rely on inbuilt services that don’t exist in Windows and solutions need to be found to each one. And the Mac works differently both in design and expectations. A typical Windows program is built on Windows expectations and features.

But I think IW is a good enough imitation to allow Windows users to catch the flavour of Ulysses. And it is actually a nice looking and functional program.