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Posted by 22111
Apr 8, 2022 at 10:12 PM


To clarify for the casual reader

For many years now,

- you have read all over the web that Apple’s narcs’ tool: “for me, just the best” (always alleged that Apple was the best), and consequentially,

- in virtually all (not only Hollywood-) movies, the protagonists (heroes), if they were shown with a computer, either sat before a Mac (rarely) or with a Macbook (Pro) on their lap (systematically, and preferably in bed), whilst

- the losers in movies systematically have been shown with PCs or (as cheap as possible) laptops (Acer and the like, preferably on cheap-looking desks / kitchen tables).

Thus, it’s a truism that Apple = narc (or “quality”, if you prefer).

A - rare - exception to the above rule are Lenovo notebooks, but see here: https://www.embedded.com/lenovo-adds-novelda-uwb-sensor-for-human-presence-detection-in-thinkpad/ - they now aggress you with radar beams; if you think that’s ok, well…

When I say that Apple’s evil, just look here, 2 days ago: https://www.heise.de/news/App-Store-Apple-fuehrt-automatische-Preiserhoehungen-fuer-Abonnements-ein-6664208.html - their app subscriptions’ price increases are now automated (in countries where such tactics are legal) - you’ll understand that I rejoice upon any such news about crazy people who obviously permit Apple everything… but on a more somber note, yesterday: https://www.heise.de/hintergrund/Tim-Cooks-raffiniertes-Buendnis-mit-China-Apples-geheimer-Pakt-6657956.html?wt_mc=intern.red.plus.newsticker.7-tage-news.teaser.teaser -
before the paid part, they say, among other things, that with no other country than the one mentioned in the url, Apple is more intimate, and that “critics say that Apple is kneeling before a dictatorship” - well, that’s no news indeed.

Then, Scrivener is “sold” - especially by third-parties - as, I said, a one-stop writers’ shop, i.e. a self-contained writing-machine for all phases of writing and including documentation and all, and thinking of Scrivener’s spectacular success with would-be writers, I now think that Apple’s, monstruous, success, cannot be comprehended by narcs’ “for me, the very best only”, since if that was so, many of those narcs would finally notice that Apple’s NOT the best, and they would switch, but as we all know, most of them never do either.

Thus, Apple’s products’ TOTEM quality must lie in some other factor, I said to myself, and then, when you observe how jealously they try to CLOSE their systems, and even to the point of making it almost impossible to change the battery, glued all around under pretense of space considerations, it occurred to me that all of their really successful products (which excludes their servers and the like) are “perfect objects”, not - far from that - by quality, but by gestalt.

If you think further, you will quickly discover that this totem quality has been present in other commercial objects, before Apple’s rise, and there, too, it was NOT ONLY about “see, I’m rich, I can afford this” (as critics think Apple’s about), but that those objects, too, are required to have MAGICAL value for their owners, be them 6- or 7-digit priced Swiss watches (“time’s running out” > “You never own a xx for yourself alone” (or similar, don’t remind the exact wording, and showing some top manager / corporation owner, invariably together with his young son; or 5- and 6-digit priced Swiss watches for deep sea diving (!): if your workplace’s problems threaten to litterally bury you alive, ascertain yourself you bear the xx on your wrist, take a deep breath and say to yourself, the evening crowns the day - it’s NOT over yet, you’re not done in, it’s “noch nicht aller Tage Abend”), the Meisterstück fountain pen (which promises that your signature, done with it, will not ruin you, but hopefully beneficial to you), and even the Hermès scarf (in the mid- and high 3-digit range) which even some young girls collect, in order to rebut any juvenile anxiety, by identifying with their mums - it’s the only garment which they can “share”, without giving their respective age, i.e. which does not separate them from each other.

Thus, it’s about buying (into) a ROUNDED object, a totem, in order to possess (sic!) rest and peace, the DONE thing, instead of striving to create it, whilst the creator - it’s no wonder so many successful (i.e. they must do something right, right?) artists (painters, fashion designers) just wear black, so that literally no object (seemingly “perfect” or not, then even more disturbing their creation) interferes with their sight - whilst the creator then ALLOWS for chaos, allows for crudity, for in-the-making, and gets to the FINISHED product iteratively, by hard work.

In other words, totems, be them hard- or software (or that allegedly perfect merging of both in the iPad), or just men’s, women’s or thirdsex’s “accessories”, serve to fool you about “having it already done”, in work of any kind, or about “having already become a real person”, by possessing that totem,

instead of using some thinking (or “innervision”, as Stevie Wonder called that half a century ago) as anxiolytic while necessarily striving… striving to create, to become.

And since totems don’t work in the end as expected, we’ve also got social media. ;-)

(They obviously have got qualified shrinks over at Cupertino. Oh, and even MS have tried something like that, with their “trendy” hardware for some time now, but Windows’s too functionally ugly for such a spell for them to work out…)