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Docxmanager and Scrivener

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Posted by Anthony
Feb 3, 2022 at 11:29 PM


I also have a good opinion of the developer. And for three reasons:
1. The idea of turning Word into a sort of Scrivener is great.
2. Despite Word (and Windows) has considerably changed since v.2003 (with XP), he did not give up.
3. He admitted the problems with “Writing Outliner” that occurred to some customers and pay (with the refund) for it.

An improvement of the new version seems the following. With WO the doc files were enclosed into a proprietary archive. So if the archive went corrupted the work would be gone. With docxmanager - AFAIK - docx files are not enclosed into a proprietary archive, but they are accessible. This is undoubtedly a safer approach.

I can understand the pain of loosing months of work. I used WO, without any loss. My settings in using it were (and still are):
- Word: v. 2003 32bit;
- OS: WinXP SP3 32bit.
Projects: less than 50 pages overall.
It would be interesting to know your settings too, and if your project was very complex: I know people that are still using WO in their old machines.