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Docxmanager and Scrivener

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Posted by Graham Rhind
Feb 3, 2022 at 09:00 AM



I can hardly think of a single software package or operating system from which I haven’t lost data in some way at some time. That includes software from highly regarded developers and software that others swear can’t lose data because it hasn’t happened to them. If I dropped them all I’d be back to slate and chalk. I know how painful it can be when data loss occurs, and I feel your pain Listerene - I have a very stringent backup system in place to try to ameliorate the effects, but that can’t resolve everything. But, for balance, as I’ve said here before, I’ve used DocxManager and its predecessors almost daily since their inception, and I’ve never lost a byte of data from them - I guess I’ve been lucky.

I haven’t used Scrivener, but DocxManager is indispensable for me. Edwin can be very haphazard in the direction of development, but he is very open to feedback and open to admitting his failures - a rare commodity these days.


Daly de Gagne wrote:
> >I find it interesting that other members here are able to step back a
>little and acknowledge that this developer did offer that refund, and
>that he recognized and corrected the problems with his software,
>managing to gain their respect in the process. I read what you wrote
>about this matter in, I believe, 2020, and earlier in this thread. I am
>sorry that you lost your work (though I wonder why you hadn’t back it
>up), but now may be the time for more a nuanced understanding and
>singing a new song.
> >Daly
> >Listerene wrote:
>A “refund” didn’t bring back my document(s)—months and months of work
>>—which disappeared because of this developer’s incompetence.
>>I have an iron-clad rule: Your program hurts me—and that one did—
>>will (A) never trust you with anything ever again and (B) I will tell
>>everyone about how incompetent you are, forever more.
>>Do NOT trust this developer. Ever.