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Docxmanager and Scrivener

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Feb 2, 2022 at 01:14 PM


Thanks Amontillado - I am inclined to give Docxmanager a try.

Amontillado wrote:
Yes, the first release of whatever it was called back then was not
>recommendable. I believe the developer offered every license holder a
>refund. He regrouped, continued his efforts, and I think he’s got a much
>more credible product now.
> >I’m inclined to balance his initial problems against integrity and
> >I’m also a big fan of Scrivener, even though I don’t use it. It does a
>lot of good for a lot of writers.
> >One big problem with nice writing environments like Scrivener, is the
>rest of the world thinks Word is cool. DocxManager at least has you in
>step with the world.
> >But I agree. The first release wasn’t something I would use. The current
>release - I’m pretty sure that’s a different story. The web page
>generation, for example, looks pretty slick.