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ThinkingTools, softwares which helps in ThinkingProcess

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Posted by Cyganet
Jan 18, 2022 at 08:46 AM


Hi Karel,

I use it to organise my reference materials and research. If you think about Scrivener or any other outliner, all the materials are organised in a long list of nested folders underneath each other.  I got fed up scrolling back and forth between the folders when I wanted to look at different items, and the fact that differnent kinds of items are under each other in a long list, getting in each other’s way.

In InfoQube, I use grids as the folders, and the interface with tabs and tab groups allows me to separate different kinds of materials from each other.  So I have grids called “Interview notes”, “Comparative titles”, “Feedback”, “Concepts to research” etc. and I can easily flip between them, or hide them when I’m not working with them. The metadata in the grid columns is also very useful for organising items.

The other way to use InfoQube is writing an outline inside a grid, and easily moving text around. In that sense it’s like Scrivener’s ‘scrivenings’ mode.

karel wrote:
> >Cyganet wrote:
>>If I’m writing a book, I use InfoQube https://www.infoqube.biz/
> >I am on Ultra Recall, but I am definitely keeping my eye on InfoQube. So
>far I did not use it for anything, though. Your comment caught my
>attention. Could you hint at how you use InfoQube for writing a book,
> >:)