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Posted by steve-rogers
Jan 11, 2022 at 11:17 AM


I agree wholeheartedly. My primary criteria for outliner or task manger software is how well it sits on top of the data structures I built in DT (usually via item links) and allows me to change conceptual relationships and to plan how and when I make use of documents in the databases. I tried to use TB a while back snd, while I found it to be very impressive, it just didn’t stick for me.

Amontillado wrote:
Well, I was weak. Paid my upgrade fee, back to Tinderbox.
> >I remain very addicted to Devonthink. What I’m hoping to do with
>Tinderbox, mostly, is use it as a corkboard or mindmap.
> >If Devonthink had those view modes it would be amazing.