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Notion.io is my new favorite

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Posted by steveylang
Nov 24, 2021 at 07:57 PM


Notion is turning out to be pretty amazing for my use- deep, versatile, and a ton of resources online (templates, Youtube tutorials, etc.) I guess this forum is Outliner Software.com, but on a general level we are really talking about hierarchies (and types) of information, and Notion lets you work in so many ways.

Pages of pages, databases of pages, pages of databases, toggles, columns, etc. all give me a lot of freedom to structurally and visually organize information the way I want. You have to be careful to not spend too much time just working on the app itself (rather than your content), but once I have an idea for something it’s usually not hard to implement. Also, you can create templates for everything, so once you make some building blocks they are easily repeatable.

Not only are there are a lot of building blocks at your disposal, but everything is very malleable and can be changed on the fly. Folding text or other objects with toggles, converting selected text into a subpage and vice versa, turning pages into database items and vice versa, organizing info into columns, all is very easy to do. With the new API it also didn’t take me long to find/adapt some iOS Shortcuts for either typing or recording (with or without transcription) new Inbox items without going into the app, as well as forwarding emails into Notion.

It took the free personal account for me to be able to figure this all out, there’s no way I could have learned this only playing around with say a 50 item limit.

I still am not sure what happens as I add more and more information into Notion, but I don’t think it should be inherently more unmanageable than other apps.