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CRIMP Defined




Tree app - macOS

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Posted by steveylang
Nov 24, 2021 at 06:47 PM


Scapple is my go to for visual thinking- it’s very bare bones, but very frictionless for me to use. I agree folding would be really great feature, although I’m pretty sure no new features are planned (in the interest of simplicity.)

There is a iOS app called Mindscope that is somewhat similar, but does have multi-levels. When you tap on an existing item, it opens into its own sub-page (actually I wish you had to press and hold to do that, and tap to select.) I wish there was a Mac version.


MadaboutDana wrote:
As I play with it, however, I’m also reminded of Scapple, an app
>developed by the Scrivener crew. It’s like a mind-mapping app, but
>primarily textual, and is surprisingly powerful.
> >However, unlike Tree, it doesn’t do folding.
> >There are mind-mapping apps that do do folding, however, and even do
>quite sophisticated things with text – one of the versions of
>XMind, I seem to remember.