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Gingko Desktop Application

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Posted by satis
Nov 22, 2021 at 02:49 PM


It’s a really nice concept for a writing space but I could never feel comfortable relying upon the app with my text given how raw the project has been over the years. Nulis popped up as a freeware clone but it quickly was abandoned (in a form almost as usable as Gingko).

Gingko has been out for at least eight years so if a stable, featured desktop app hasn’t materialized by now don’t expect it to. Based on Adriano’s sporadic updates, his other interests he was blogging about, and the pivot to webapp that then seemed to get immediately bogged down, it became clear a long time ago that this was a hobby app that was not supporting his one-man dev shop.

I paid for Gingko in January 2018 only to support the dev, knowing that the app was too bare bones to actually depend on. I’d hoped that early support when he started selling the app might spur development, bring on more coders, but no.

I’ve always written longer pieces in atomized, outline form, and while Gingko’s design has a lot going for it I’m still used to classic outlines, and with things like the Longform plugin for Obsidian ( https://github.com/kevboh/longform ) to better handle longform text, I think that’s a much more viable future for outliner-oriented writing.

Adriano popped up in the Obsidian forums to discuss recent additions to his app, but the attitude there was users basically saying, ‘Okay, how can we just adopt this into Obsidian.’