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Reflect - a Roam Research knockoff with a few nice features

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Posted by Sarah
Oct 12, 2021 at 09:12 AM


Accounts are created on web or, not on, a Mac.
Sorry about that, Apple is now back to save me from my poor choice of attractive font styles and very small type that this Galaxy allowed, and while it’s dull, I kind of wonder how many mistakes like this I’ve made.

Anyway, I set up my account and played with it on an old iPhone.

It’s user friendly, fast and very smooth. It was effortless to create links, start notes, outlines, create a task and a tag. It comes with instructions, but they’re not needed. I get the feeling that this is only a small part of what it’s made for, though.

The outlines indent and outdent with a swipe, and expand and collapse at the bullet on the left.

They also posted their values, also succinct and plainly worded, and it includes a couple of phrases that have come to mean a lot to me over this past year:

“We will end to end encrypt your notes.” and
“We will value simplicity and a beautiful user experience.” 

It looks like they’re off to a busy start, so who knows how things could change over the next 6 months or so. But I think their direction is clear, I think they’re working hard. I definitely appreciate their approach and their effort.

They’re very responsive, and haven’t swamped me with automated emails, which is also different. I really prefer support over discord, but most people probably don’t have that as a priority and that could change too.

I’ll probably take another look at it in a month or so. I just wanted to make that correction and thanks again Steven, for mentioning it. This isn’t something I would have found for some time.

Thank you,