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CRIMP Defined




Comake has something interesting with KnowledgeOS

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Posted by bigspud
Sep 8, 2021 at 08:34 PM


from their discord:
I guess they aren’t far away from opening up..

“At this point we’re prioritizing one-on-one onboardings for a few reasons: (1) we want to make sure we understand you and your problem(s)/aspiration(s) so that we can best address it/them, (2) we want to refine our onboarding flow so that we can systemize/automate it for self-serve, (3) we haven’t finished preparing all the self-serve resources and materials necessary to ensure that you are able to get started properly without a demo.

If you really feel strongly about self-serve, please DM me your email and I will be sure to notify you when we release the self-serve option. In the meantime and if you’re open to it, it’d be my pleasure to onboard you. You can schedule it here: https://demodesk.com/book/comake-inc-team/onboarding”

MadaboutDana wrote:
Does look quite cool. But yes, the onboarding thing is deffo irritating.
>Most of us sysadmins want to mess about privately, behind the scenes,
>without any kind of commitment (hell, that’s why so many of us are
>CRIMPers). Ah well, let’s wait and see…