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Two additional online writing apps

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Posted by novelpad
Sep 7, 2021 at 02:54 PM


satis wrote:
>I do like NovelPad’s scene-card kanban view, which seems more functional
>and attractive than Scrivener’s. But I don’t see anything that would
>make me switch from Ulysses and a free kanban service plan.

Hey there, I’m Steve from NovelPad. There are a couple nuances of the KanBan view that aren’t obvious from the marketing material: anywhere you see a pen icon lets you read the card/cards in that group. This lets you categorize cards into plots, and then read that plot in isolation. It also lets you use our automatic character identification to read your novel from a single character’s perspective. A lot of our users use this for consistency checking while editing.

We’re also just pushing out a new update that gives you the ability to rewind your novel to any save. This isn’t really a feature of the editor, but we thought it was important to make sure that even in the case of a catastrophic failure, very little data will get lost. As a small company, it’s a bit difficult for us to keep the educational and marketing material up to speed with the application’s functionality, so my apologies!

Next release will be a set of small features that have been requested during this longer release for the “rewind” feature, but after that we’re moving onto building editing features (i.e. sharing with an editor, change tracking, etc…). That’s probably a couple months out though.

Let me know if you do have any questions about NovelPad—I’m happy to answer!