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Comake has something interesting with KnowledgeOS

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Sep 7, 2021 at 12:54 PM


bigspud wrote:
>It seems poised to be the Graph of web apps, and that part excites me, a
>less-siloed way to achieve workflow!

I had a brief conference call yesterday with Adler, co-founder of Comake (KnowledgeOS’s developer) and I found it very helpful to understand what the software can do for me. I surely understood it much faster than I would have on my own, in the unlikely case that I could spare the needed time for such exploration.

The part of KnowledgeOS which interests me is the ability to organise one’s web services by context, thus enabling a task-centric environment and facilitating focus. I had tried Tasktop in the past for the same reason (but it became too programmer-focused) and am now similarly looking into Braintool.

Compared to the others, KnowledgeOS adds a ‘smartness’ functionality, e.g., automatically grouping similar domains together, which I find quite useful. The software works locally and I found it very fast, making sense of my tens of open tabs in a few seconds.