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How do you deal with Privacy?

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Posted by satis
Sep 5, 2021 at 02:11 PM


I think it’s naive to believe that given a country’s oppression of internal groups any company selling in and following laws within that country is unethical. Given China’s history of repression against Tibet after ‘annexation’ in 1950 anyone really believing that should not be purchasing Chinese-made goods at all, for the entirety of their life. And given Russia’s actions in Crimea in 2014 (not to mention American, Brazilian, Congo, Peruvian, Saudi etc treatment of indigenous people or women to this day) one with strong feelings about oppression should likewise be reconsidering purchases from any companies dealing with those countries.

Even so, there remains no evidence of those companies actually profiteering, which is the point I originally addressed.

Nevertheless, using this logic, some customer really believing this would necessarily himself be acting unethically by purchasing hardware and cloud services from any such company doing business in China, and they should look into the select handful of computer models made in Taiwan or Japan in order to live in accord with their ethics.