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How do you deal with Privacy?

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Posted by Simon
Sep 5, 2021 at 12:40 PM


A law that oppresses people and is recognised as being wrong globally. It is unethical to do business with nations that oppress their people. Which is why we have sanctions. China is known for its systematic oppression of the Uighur people. This is not ok and Apple et al should not be profiting from China.

We are obviously not going to agree and have very different values. As one who has lived in an oppressive nation and felt the injustice of such a regime you might think differently if it was you. Thankfully at the moment our laws in the west protect us, but certainly not the working practices of corporate businesses.

As this has now moved off topic this is my last comment on the issue.

satis wrote:

>Simon wrote:
>And there’s the point. In calluding with the Chinese government
>>they make millions/billions from the Chinese people.
> >Calluding (sic), aka following the law, is what every company does in
>every country on the planet. And that’s not profiteering.
> >> They would be
>>better not to sell their products and services at all.
> >So you would be better not to buy anything form China then. But you
>don’t. By your own logic (with which I disagree) you are profiteering.