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How do you deal with Privacy?

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Posted by satis
Sep 5, 2021 at 12:22 PM


Luhmann wrote:

>If Apple used true e2e

Again, that’s not a definitional term. There are multiple flavors and types of e2e, which only means communication is never decrypted during transmission from sender to receiver.
>If you do use iCloud services you should understand what that means:

We agree.

>2. It depends on whether you trust the government in your country

Except you have no choice. And those who do not can utilize their own on-device encryption before sending it to a cloud drive (although they’d be subject to judicial decryption orders, just as cloud providers are, as we’ve seen in cases in the US and around the world).

>Apple complies with the laws of whatever country they are in. Some
>countries, like Germany, place a higher value on privacy, while others,
>like China, much less. (China is enacting new privacy laws right now,
>but these are privacy from corporations, not the government, which will
>continue to have complete access to your data.) Since Apple has the keys
>to your data, and complies with these laws, your data is only as secure
>as these laws are. In the case of China, Apple gives the government
>complete access to your iCloud.

Potentially, but then the same goes for the US as well. The Chinese government cannot simply access cloud files at will, but need to petition for individual account keys, to which they do not have free access.

> In the case of the US they only do so
>when law enforcement requests it and they don’t always comply with
>requests if they feel that the request would not hold up in court.

Actually it’s exactly the same in China, the difference being that the government is more insistent and moves much more quickly, and the judiciary is servile.

>Having looked at this situation, and the fact that my iCloud info is in
>the US, I have decided that this situation is acceptable for my needs,
>and when it is not I can always use an extra layer of encryption before
>putting something in the cloud.