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PDF-search vs Devonthink vs Foxtrot vs Devonsphere

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Posted by Dellu
Jul 21, 2021 at 02:58 PM


After experimenting with pDF-search for a while, I find it pretty fascinating. The results in PDF-search are much more surprising, than the ones I find in Foxtrot or Devonthink. The reason might be because it uses compilations of algorithms,  to rank the pages.

>PDF Search algorithm calculates a rank value for every page in documents according to keywords you entered. These ranks are computed as follows:.
>Keyword Distance : Pages containing keywords nearer to each other have a higher rank.
>Keyword Density : Pages containing more keywords have a higher rank.
>Importance : Pages that contain the keywords in the title or that are rendered in bold or a larger font will have a higher rank.
>Document Date: Pages within more recent files are ranked more highly than older files.