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Hierarchies or Networks?

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Jul 20, 2021 at 07:46 AM


I agree with @Alexander – hierarchies are more intuitively useful, for some reason.

Having said which, I love the idea of combining hierarchies with a mindmap-like approach: some of the best mindmappers (e.g. XMind) can support mini-outlines or mini-tables in nodes.

I think mindmapping is evolving in much the same way as the recent evolution in task managers: developers have realised that support for graphics, tags and fonts is not enough, and that what users really want is to manage large quantities of information using a variety of methods. The explosion of support for extensive notes in regularly upgraded modern task managers (notably TickTick, Pagico, Todoist and NotePlan) has been interesting to watch – rich-text notes and attached documents have become standard fare, allowing people to put together complete project management “hubs” in a single app. Adding different views is the next step: three of those apps offer various calendar views, and three of them also offer kanban views.

Mindmapping is the next step, perhaps.