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PDF-search vs Devonthink vs Foxtrot vs Devonsphere

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Posted by Dellu
Jul 20, 2021 at 07:19 AM


As to satis´ point, I also have tried HoudahSpot some time ago. Honestly, I find this app almost useless because it relies on metadata.

What I really want is a deep dig into the documents; not their metadata. I want a searching tool that digs all the pdf documents in my drive, and pick up that specific term (idea). In this case, to rely on applications like HoudahSpot, you need extensively tag the documents. I have too much documents to tag each manually.

I love the proximity search in Foxtrot. It is incredible.
I also have tried to use the proximity searches in Devonthink, but, requires a lot of work.

The beautify of the proximity search in Foxtrot is just the simple button to drag to expand and contract the search areas. It is so effective.

But, I was also curios about the new app: PDF-search that seems to do similar proximity search. I havn