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Two additional online writing apps

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Jul 13, 2021 at 04:51 PM


I just learned about two online writing apps that I thought I mention here, in case there is interest.

LivingWriter is another Scrivener clone, this one more full-featured than Slice. A subscription is $96 per year… about twice what a one-time purchase of Scrivener costs.


NovelPad goes about the job of helping you write a novel with a bit more creative imagination. I don’t know if its system would be affective or not. A subscription is $60 per year.


I am not endorsing either of these apps, because I haven’t used them. But if you’re interested in Slice, you might check these out… And I’m not saying Slice isn’t a better choice. That’s all up to your personal needs, of course.