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Artisanal software sale

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Posted by Amontillado
Jun 25, 2021 at 06:21 PM


HyperPlan has been very useful as a companion to task lists.

In my world, managers and customers always craft guaranteed failure modes before making requests. It’s like they want to win the lottery, but there’s a use case mandate to deliver the winnings by winged unicorns and fairy godmother carriages.

I regularly use HyperPlan to keep track of tasks, categorizing modes of constipation against managers experiencing urgency.

The first part of such projects is always stressful. Once developers can get managers fighting among themselves, we poor soldiers in the trenches have a chance to deliver polished solutions in a relaxed, manager-free, work environment.

HyperPlan is great.

Andy Brice wrote:
>My own Hyper Plan and Easy Data Transform software are on sale at 25%
>off. Other CRIMPing favourites such as Tinderbox, Scrivener and
>Devonthink are also on sale.
> >Note that some of the software is Mac only.