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CRIMP Defined




A significant development with Craft

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Posted by steveylang
Jun 10, 2021 at 08:19 PM


The Craft toggles are done really well!! I would love to see the same implementation in UpNote…

Captain CowPie wrote:
It is hard to believe but I am CRIMPing once again. I have been from
>NotePlan to Notion back to NotePlan and now to Craft in a matter of a
>few years. ‘I doubt anyone on this site could relate to that.’
> >After reading the posts about Craft on this site, I downloaded and tried
>it out. Beautiful design that just feels right, but I had moved from
>Notion to NotePlan because I wanted a Journal tied to a calendar (plus
>folding text). Then I got the email saying they had added a daily
>journal tied to a calendar.
> >I think they once again did a great job on the design of the daily
>journal. Craft has always seemed like a somewhat scaled version on
>Notion, but more elegantly laid out and much faster. I had no real
>problems with NotePlan, but so far the execution of Craft is a step
>above most of what I have used in the past.
> >Besides the daily journal, what got me really excited about Craft was
>their toggles. I had a lot of difficulty using toggles in Notion. They
>were extremely slow to load, and I had lost data copying them from day
>to day. Also, when copying toggles it would only copy what was expanded,
>not the collapsed pages.
> >Craft toggles are very useful and user-friendly. I am already
>incorporating them more than I did in Notion, and they easily replace
>the folding text feature of NotePlan.
> >Craft had a nice import feature that imported all of my notes from
>NotePlan including images! The hard part was placing all of the daily
>journal entries in the respective calendar days in Craft.
> >The biggest issue I had with importing was that larger pages did not get
>completely imported, and hand copying a large file into a note has a
>limit, but it does not inform you of that. Large files also seem a
>little slow.
> >But so far I am extremely pleased with Craft for note taking and daily
>journaling. This usually happens during the honeymoon period and may
>change in the future, but so far I am very pleased with the program.