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CRIMP Defined




The killer feature i would need in an outliner right now

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Posted by washere
Jun 9, 2021 at 08:09 PM


Well, Brian has done it.
To open a link in a new tab:

Press CTRL key & Double_Click the link
Opens the link in a new tab, plus it’s in the background, so can carry on & open many links fast


Right_Mouse_Click a link and can have options:
open link in new tab
open link in new window
& more options

Until now there was no right_mouse_click options.

The path to the link (which folder or subfolders) is in top row.
For search results, there is a path column.

Chrome updates extensions usually on launch.
If not: goto


make sure top_right Developer-Mode is on (has many benefits) & click UPDATE button in top_left.
This updates all extensions and also syncs account/bookmarks etc to gmail account as can be seen in


(to see last sync, Search for: last synced)

He is adding Drag_and_Drop of links by mouse between the two panes, in the next release.