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Mac software recommendations

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Posted by Simon
Jun 7, 2021 at 05:53 AM


OmniOutliner is very good. If you’re also looking to go mobile it is the most powerful outliner you can get. Yes it has some quirks; styling; but once you learn how it works it’s superb. One of my most used apps.

Contrary to popular opinion MS Word is also very good if you learn how to use it. I can write and create fully formatted docs faster in Word than any markdown app (the styles feature is awesome). I’ve created fully formatted books in Word that have been used by publishers. It also has the longest backward compatibility of any app I know. I can still open Word docs created in the 1990’s and everything is there and fully formatted.

Devonthink as others have mentioned is a great repository. It’s Finder on steroids. I used it for many years, dumped it and went back to it. It is probably the best place to put all your stuff and be able to find it effortlessly.

Tinderbox is great, but has a massive learning curve. It is best for textual analysis rather than writing. I never liked the rtf styling in the app. To utilise its full feature set you’ll need to learn its scripting function.