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CRIMP Defined




The killer feature i would need in an outliner right now

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Posted by washere
Jun 6, 2021 at 06:57 PM


Pleasure. IIRC that was my one main gripe last year too. Again from memory, one the phone now, I recall right_clicking a bookmark to open in new tab/window, no joy. IIRC I tried keyboard combos with click too, Ctrl alt shift + dual combos of them, again nothing. Like the best apps, he’s made it for himself, maybe search open/closed issues on his GitHub & post feature request, I’m sure he’ll see the light, eventually. Another news, great cheap lifetime license outliner/backlinker + even more top features for Android/Chromebooks in the works for over a year, coming later this year, can’t say more. Have a good summer to all, best wishes.