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CRIMP Defined





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Posted by Manfred
Jun 2, 2008 at 03:20 PM


Yes, the topic will export with all the included topics contained in it. The export options are txt, html, html help. So, there is no direct way to open it in MS-Word that I know of. That may be my own limitation or that of MS-Word. Other word processors allow you to open html files in their native formats more easily, however. some also allow you to save the file then in word format.

I did fool around with Voodoopad, but it does not come close in functionality to ConnectedText. Some people may like that it’s Wysiwyg, but this makes no difference to me. In fact, editing in one mode and viewing in another has become second nature. I don’t even think about hitting CTRL-E.

I use XP at work and Vista at home on my desktop computers, and I don’t use the Mac Notebook that often, even though OS X is clearly better, and outliners on the Mac are much better. But I found both DevonThink and Voodoopad underwhelming compared with ConnectedText.

Now, Mellel and Scrivener might make me use it more, but then I would have to buy another version of Vista to run on Parallels or some other emulator to run the Windows applications I want (Above & Beyoond, BrainStorm, ConnectedText, and The Journal.