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Totally off-piste, but...

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Posted by Amontillado
Apr 23, 2021 at 11:55 AM


Lothar Scholz wrote:
It’s ugly, it’s unfunctional, it’s unergonomic, it’s overpriced and it
>technically was a huge disappointment.

All valid concerns, although I get a lot of functionality out of my Apple gizmos. The iMac would be better if the monitor stand were detachable and adjustable.

I lived in Linux for a decade or more, then got lured to the dark side (Windows) by not being able to sync Linux with a Blackberry (there are ways, they just didn’t work for me). Then, I discovered Scrivener, which was at that time Mac-only, and got a Macbook Air as a writing machine.

Then, I discovered Devonthink. With that as my “binder” I moved to Nisus Writer, which I like a lot better than Word. By “a lot better” I mean hamburgers in a boisterous sports bar with good friends is a lot better than raw vermin, shivering in a cave. But I also recognize there are people whose voice is found in Word, and I respect that. One person’s rat is another’s gourmet dining. :-)

At some point I got an iMac.

Recently I’ve started migrating my word processing to Mellel.

Curio and MindNode are great for planning. I prefer Apple Numbers to Excel, not because it’s an Apple product, but being able to do layouts with multiple tables, images, etc, on a single canvas is pretty neat. I also recognize I could create the same reports with a combination of Excel and something else. Excel plus Powerpoint, maybe, or my recent favorite, Affinity Publisher.

In other words, I got hooked on Apple-centric applications. If I had this desktop experience under Linux, that’s where I’d be.

Use what works. For me, performance is heavily weighted toward what I can do, not what the machine can do. That’s why I like Linux. I can provision heavy iron for datacenters, one of my day job roles, and I can interface motor controls to a Raspberry Pi in a box the size of a paperback book. Linux is my katana.

Macs can be workhorses, too, but in a quite different way.