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Is Toodledo dead?

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Posted by Sarah
Apr 7, 2021 at 04:05 PM


Ken wrote:

>I also eventually went from Toodledo to Todoist, with a few stops in
>between, but am mostly using Clickup these days.  It is not perfect, but
>I do like it a lot.  Something to consider if you are interested.  As
>far at Toodledo goes, I cannot see going back.  The UI was a challenge
>when I used it, and it still has not changed.

Interesting, I find the UI in Toodledo to be very comfortable. It may be because the placement of menu items and overall layout remind me of my first mobile apps from the old days (Paim).

I signed up for the web version of ClickUp this morning, as the reviews for Android aren’t good (no surprise there). They’re not allowing me to skip the videos & have a busy day. (I know, I found time to write a reply…) And usually, forcing me to watch a video is enough to make me completely back out, but I’m trying to be more flexible.

What makes a basic outliner a good fit for me is that I review & check off most tasks after 12 AM, when my day ends - a problem for repeat tasks in ToDoist (and other apps). Butt a full featured project manager for the less mundane, more complex tasks (with dependencies) would be very helpful, especially now. I’ve given up on the Android apps, web apps seem to work much better. So, I’ll try ClickUp again, tomorrow.