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Is Toodledo dead?

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Apr 6, 2021 at 03:53 PM


I’m not trying to convince you to go back to Workflowy, but there is an easy way to pre-ad all the days of the year in a hierarchy in Workflowy and Dynalist. I described the method putting the dates into TheBrain:


But it works very well for Dynalist… so I imagine it works with Workflowy too. It uses a little date to text tool from our old friends from Brainstorm.

Steve Z.

Dr Andus wrote:

>Much of what I do in Roam I could have accomplished in WorkFlowy, but
>while in Roam each new day appears automatically (and forces me to plan
>for the current day), in WorkFlowy I would have had to create each new
>day manually, and despite the fact that it would only take seconds to do
>that, I just never managed to maintain the discipline. I’m sure there
>are people out there who are capable of doing it in WorkFlowy, because
>they have the self-discipline, while I need the software to discipline
> >Maybe this is what is meant by the affordance of a piece of software.