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Another forgotten software - Mac sticky notes that morphed into a PIM

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Posted by jaslar
Apr 5, 2021 at 02:17 PM


Inspired by the My Life Organized question, I wondered if maybe you can help me remember this one.

I think I first got it on a Mac Performa (pre-OSX). Originally, it was a kind of expanded Stickies program, but with more word processing functions (word count). Was it in fact StickyNotes? Then it expanded into a far more involved time management system and I lost track of it. Consultant? That was one of my first big conversion projects, and at first, I found it a lot of fun. I do think it started with a C.

This is just idle curiosity, but I’m guessing with all the Mac folks here, someone else used it. I remember being dazzled by how pretty it was.

I found MORE. And even used a simplified two pane outliner for awhile called Z-Write. Ah, the forgotten ones….