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Craft – the new macOS/iOS sensation

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Posted by satis
Feb 22, 2021 at 08:51 PM


Its features look better and better (and the app itself looks gorgeous) and for many people the easy ability to share a link with people (outside Craft too?) is a great option for a lot of creative work. Alongside Notion’s ability to publish good-looking wiki pages the abilities of document and knowledge organizers and editors is finally expanding and adapting to how a lot of people want to work. I think its main competitor in features and looks might now be Taskade?

I don’t need to share much so I might be outside the Venn diagram of ideal users. And for me there persists an aversion to writing inside a box, something which seems idiosyncratic and somehow backwards, and I still want to host my own documents where I want. Although I grudgingly allow some apps like my task manager and calendar to maintain files and some of my most personal information, I don’t feel great about it, and I’m considering moving to more privacy-conscious alternatives (Fastmail or Posteo for mail and CalDAV calendaring, probably Things as a task manager), so I don’t want to take what I’d consider a step backwards with document editing/storage.

Still, it seems like a beautiful and intriguing app, and its feature-set is expanding quickly.