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Changes to Chrome for Android - Off-Topic

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Feb 22, 2021 at 06:45 PM


Thanks Ken.

I rebooted a couple of times, and it made no difference.

I think the problem I experienced was the result of having too many tabs open (due to four months of web surfing in hospital last winter, and down time when I finally made it home in June, I had way too many tabs open) . Coincidentally, I had started getting rid of tabs and saving some pages to Pocket last week.

Chrome was slow, but it was doing the job. Then I started getting tab groupings and stuff, Chrome slowed almost to a stop, and it seemed erratic. This was late last week. I could no longer deal with the mess of tabs. Eventually I had to uninstall Chrome (and lose all remaining tabs), and reinstall it. By then I had also read online about tab groupings and other changes. And, ironically, in one place Google boasted one could have any number of tabs open - a gross exaggeration.

So now Chrome works well, although I have lost the ability to open a link in new tab without leaving the tab I am in at the time. So I end up with a tab grouping screen. So a one step operation takes two to three steps.

Another Google problem is that for the last month or so sites are using a new share menu. I used to be able to share to Pocket with two steps, now it is four. The old menu was easier and better looking.

So, IMHO Google has taken some steps backward with Chrome, in addition to making the false claim you can have any number of tabs open. I gave Google the token feedback, and heard nothing back, which is par for the course for Alphabet.


Ken wrote:
Daly de Gagne wrote:
>Has anyone noticed changes in recent updates to Chrome for Android
>>phones? I have found irritating changes in how tabs are managed and
>>seemingly related slowing down of the browser, or outright freezing,
>>resulting in lost time until it flashes a message asking if I want to
>>close the program or wait - often by the time the message appears,
>>Chrome unfreezes. I have looked, but been unable to find, any
>>information on how best to use the new Chrome version.
>>Thanks in advance to anyone who can help shed light on how to live with
>>the new Chrome version.
> >I do not believe the changes to Chrome are just on the Android platform,
>but I have noticed them as well.  What I have not seen are articles
>about the changes, but then again I have not yet searched for any.  I
>have been trying to “ignore” them until I have time to read up about the
>latest changes.  But, I do feel your pain.  Have you tried rebooting the
>phone to see if that helps any?
> >—Ken