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CRIMP Defined




ThinkingTools, softwares which helps in ThinkingProcess

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Posted by jsamlarose
Feb 19, 2021 at 09:33 PM


Thinking further: I wonder if the (very) rough categorisation I put forward resonates with anyone else, or if anyone might offer alternative views? I know there are some pretty obvious and messy points of intersection, which makes me wonder whether this is more of a Venn diagram than a sliding scale…

I guess outliners would sit somewhere in the linear, hierarchical category, though Dynalist would skew towards the structured visual category, since it does offer a mind-map view. And Roam (and its many competitors and clones) would be just another flavour of structured visual thinking?

Muse (https://museapp.com/) feels like it deserves a mention in any conversation about thinking tools…

jsamlarose wrote:
This might be of use?
>Lots of thinking about knowledge management, but the apps/tools list
>should offer a solid starting point.
> >As others have acknowledged, this sounds like quite the undertaking.
>It’d be interesting to see even the beginnings of a taxonomy of thinking
>tools. Three categories for thinking tools are (for my own purposes)
>- linear thinking (note-taking in an app like Drafts)
>- structured visual thinking (hierarchical mind-mapping tools like
>iThoughts, and non-hierarchical knowledge graphs like Kinopio)
>- loose/freehand visual thinking (sketch/drawing apps like Concepts)
> >Even this isn’t particularly cast-iron; plenty of tools sit on the
>borders and cross the divides…