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Zavala - An open source outliner for Macs, iPads, and iPhones

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Posted by Darren McDonald
Jan 14, 2021 at 04:28 AM


I would like to see in an outliner what Brett Terpstra states in his blog when he wrote about the Tree app;

“An outliner is an outliner, but Tree adds one thing that makes it infinitely more useful to me and my non-linear thought process: a horizontal view of the outline. It’s basically a right-aligned mind map. Seeing each level of the hierarchy in line with other siblings across different branches suddenly brings the whole brainstorming thing together for me.”


There was a further discussion about this in these forums:


Maurice Parker wrote:
I’ve just started a project to make a simple, clean outliner for Apple
>platforms.  It is called Zavala and is in the very early stages of
> >I’m looking for users to provide feedback on what they would like to see
>in an outliner.  If you’ve ever wished that you had a direct line to the
>developer of an outliner before it got released, this is your chance.
>I’m very interested in how people are using outliners and what features
>they need in the real world on a daily basis.
> >If you have macOS Big Sur, there is a developer release available to
>kick around.  You wouldn’t want to trust any important data to it,
>because it is under active development and might scramble your stuff
>completely.  You can take a look and provide feedback as to what works
>and doesn’t work for you.  Even if you can’t run the developer release,
>there is a forum for the project there.  I’d still like to hear what you
>think makes a good outliner.
> >The project is open source and Zavala will always be free.  I hope some
>of you join me in making an outliner that is a joy to use.
> >https://github.com/vincode-io/Zavala