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The end of the Taking Note blog

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Posted by Donovan
Jan 8, 2021 at 06:31 AM


22111 wrote:

>On the other hand, somebody above saying something like, “from 2015
>here, I’m not surprised”: No, my memory is somewhat better, Kühn
>then left, saying somewhat along the lines, “I don’t need that.” in
>response to lack of respect in the conversation, **but he didn’t imply in
>any way that he would also stop his own blog, all to the contrary, and
>he was very active in that for some time after indeed.**

Wrong. He returned to posting later, without everyone knowing, after announcing the end of the blog On Dec. 27th, 2015. That’s why I linked to the ‘16, ‘17, ‘18 posts on the Internet Archive.

He wrote:


The End
This will be the last post on this blog of mine. I enjoyed posting for the longest time, and I know that some of the more than 780,000 visitors over the last eight years have also enjoyed some of my posts. But the posting has become more burdensome of late. I never expected to be thanked for my efforts, as I mainly did them for my own benefit to figure out what I thought about some of the things important to me. But I did not expect to be accused and insulted by someone hiding behind a pseudonym either. It takes away from the pleasure of writing in this form. I don’t need this.

But, as I said before, thanks to everyone who has been following this blog.

( https://web.archive.org/web/20160111115841/http://takingnotenow.blogspot.mx/2015/12/the-end.html )